Thursday, December 29, 2011

Loch Ness Monster truly exist, just waiting to become discovered

Together with the level of sightings from persons Monster Beats living on the loch all there lives and visitors abound its tough to deny that there is one thing extremely intriguing and mysterious about Loch Ness no matter whether that be Nessie or not. The only thing that may be done is always to carry on to analysis the loch and take into account the new sightings and stories and retain a close eye out for the piece of evidence which will one particular day prove the creatures existence.

The sighting of nessie and numerous reports have provided an array of photo's and descriptions with the creature via out the years. A lot of reports happen to be published and details created public from as far back as 1933 by locals Mr & Mrs Mackay who spotted the creature while driving down the lochside and in 1934 on April 19th which is 1 of your most well known nessie sightings to date. This sighting was reported by Robert Kenneth Wilson and it was this sighting that produced the "Surgeons Photo" which is now a widely recognisable photo (shown above).

This photo has had the most impact on the nessie legend over the last 66 many years and brought up several many debates on its authenticity. This photo fueled the idea that the creature in the loch may be a thought to be extinct Plesiosaur. In 1960 Tim Dinsdale is credited with taking what is now considered to be the greatest piece of evidence proving the existence of Nessie. On April Monster Beats By Dre 23rd after being on the lake for several days exploring he took a 16MM camera video in the creature moving across the loch and then turning parallel to the far shore and headed down the loch before running out of film. The film was later developed and instantly became proof of some unknown animal inhabiting the loch. This film was further studied by the RAF in 1966 and a conclusion was created that it was not a surface vessel of anykind but some animate object in Loch Ness.

The debate goes on among scientist as to the question with the loch having enough food to sustain a breading population of such large creatures. Some scientist Monster Beats Headphones claim that studies carried out with the loch's food chain show 1-27 tonnes and a lot of say that is simply not enough to feed such a population of creatures. Although other do argue that the large amounts of salmon that migrate into the loch each year along with all the large amounts of eels could easily boost these food source numbers and easily sustain a food source over the many years for such creatures.

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